Builder Signal is the easiest way to send construction updates to your customers.

Builder Signal

Simplify the process of sending construction updates.

Signal is built from the ground up for ease of use in the field. The streamlined app makes posting construction photos a breeze. No more digging for buyer contact details, no more email attachments, just quick and easy updates that delight buyers.
Improve customer satisfaction

Give your buyers peace-of-mind for their home.

Current "homeowner portals" built into scheduling software are too time-consuming, and rarely kept up-to-date. Buyers don’t want an abundance of inaccurate information. They want simple, timely updates that give them peace-of-mind.

How does it work?

Just take a picture, select the construction phase, and select the home. Your customer will automatically get a notification & link to their home’s website with a visual timeline. Sending construction updates has never been easier.

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“I look so forward to our weekly updates on BuilderSignal! I find myself looking forward to Thursdays when our sales person, interior designer or site supervisor sends us new photos of the progress and a quick hello. It’s also cool to see how far we have come with the build…even the days it feels like not much is going on at the house, it’s great to scroll back through all the weekly updates and see just how much has really been done. We can’t wait to make this our home and the photo memories make it that much more special.”
Homeowner from a builder using Signal

“Weekly updates on construction progress is what our buyers love most. Without a tool like Signal it’s impossible to make them consistent.”
VP Sales & Marketing, Top 150 Builder

“The updates I received from my builder caused me more anxiety…they were inaccurate, inconsistent and lacked meaningful information.”
New Construction Homeowner from a builder NOT using Signal

“This is saving our Sales team almost a full day every week. Which equates to more time prospecting, and selling.”
Director of Sales, Regional Construction Co.

“Using BuilderSignal to keep our customers updated on their new home building journey has created so much more consistency for our team. Each community sends their updates on a certain day of the week and the consistency between communities is now completely aligned. Each customer will receive the same exciting experience through their personal home’s webpage. The platform was so easy to set up, is very affordable, we receive excellent and timely service from the Bokka Team.  BuilderSignal gives us opportunity to add even more value for our customers which is truly the goal we hope to achieve.”
Director of Sales, Calbridge Homes

“Finally…a simple, visual communication tool. This will change the industry.”
VP/Marketing, Boulder Creek Neighborhoods

“With good communication during construction – we have happy customers. When it’s poor, we get bad reviews. Consistent construction updates are essential.”
Construction Superintendent of top 10 Builder

“If every builder in the country isn’t using this, they should be.”
30-year New Home Sales Executive VP